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  • Guarantor Loans Explained

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    What is a Guarantor Loan?

    A guarantor loan is a loan which is guaranteed by someone else normally a friend or family member. The person who is acting guarantor will be responsible for the loan if you fail on the repayments so its important for both parties to know what is expected.You can usually borrow between £1000 - £15000 with a guarantor loan depending on your circumstances and also your guarantors circumstances. This will reduce the risk for the lender meaning you are more likely to be successful with a guarantor loan.

    Who is a Guarantor Loan for?

    A guarantor loan is a solution for people with either adverse credit that are unable to take out a loan or it may be the case that you haven't yet begin to build a credit history. This can also make it difficult to be approved for finance.
    A guarantor loan enables you to borrow money which can usually be for any purpose and the lender will only contact your guarantor as a last result if you fail to keep up the repayments of the loan and can not be contacted. Even if the high street banks and other lenders have said no you can still borrow money by using a guarantor loan. The good thing is most of our lenders look at each individual application rather than relying on a computer to make a decision.

    The Guarantor Loan Process

    Once you decide you require a loan it always best to speak to the person who you want to be your guarantor to make sure they agree. The person that has agreed to be your guarantor should be a property owner with a good credit history.

    Once you have found your guarantor simple click the orange button above to apply and complete our short form. We will work to find you the best lender for your current situation and loan amount.

    The lender will need to take details of both yourself and your guarantor. Firstly they will need to be sure you can comfortably repay the loan, this is called responsible lending. The lender will will run a credit check on your guarantor to make sure the credit history is in good shape. Once all is approved and all the required documents have been received your loan is normally paid out within 24 hours. In most cases the loan is paid direct to you but in some cases the lender will pay the money to the guarantor.

    You will remain the main point of contact throughout the loan agreement and it will be your responsibility to make sure the repayments are kept up to date. The lender will normally only contact your guarantor if you have defaulted on your repayments and a conclusion can not be reached. It is important to know that your guarantors property may be at risk if repayments aren't kept up to day on an agreed loan.

    Guarantor Loans for Adverse Credit

    Guarantor loans are a common solution for people with adverse credit that can not quality for any type of loan.
    This is a way to secure a loan and rebuild your credit rating, as making regular repayments will help to rebuild your credit history.
    Using a guarantor loan helps increase your chances of being approved for a loan and will improve your credit history.

    Am I eligible for a Guarantor Loan?

    You will be eligible if you're 18 years or older and living and working in the UK and have a guarantor with a good credit profile. You and your guarantor should also be able to provide documents to support your application. As long as all the documents are returned your guarantor loan can be paid out within 24-48 hours.

    What If You Struggle Repaying Your guarantor Loan?

    Sometimes unexpected things can happen such as the loss of a job through redundancy and another unsuspected bill arrives making it difficult to meet the repayments on your guarantor loan. If this happens its important to communicate with the lender and let them know the situation. Our lenders will always try to help in these matters and will discuss the various options to get things back on track. If you don't communicate the lender will then contact your guarantor and ask for the repayments to be covered.