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  • Lets be honest, we all get bored of our décor from time to time and fancy a little change. New home, new you type of mentality! In reality, we dont always have the necessary funds to make these changes. So I have put together a few tips on how to change your home around at a lower cost. The main theme here is DIY people!

    On a side note, please dont try to tackle electrical/ structural work/ plumbing and the likes if you are not trained in it! Consult a professional, it is not worth the risk!

    Tips to make your bathroom seem brand new

    1. Paint
      The obvious, give it a coat of paint, make sure its a water resistant paint to stop it from flaking or rubbing off  best paint for renovation
    2. Switch your shower curtain
      Swapping your shower curtain for a new design can make a massive change to your bathroom décor. They come in so many different designs nowadays and usually they come in a set with a matching bath matt and laundry bin. Check out sets online for a cheap way to make a big change to your bathroom look.
    3. Under sink storage
      Under the sink cabinets can be very cheap, shop around for the best bargains to fit your sink online. Under sink cupboards and storage racks can create more space in your bathroom as it is a neat place to tidy your toiletries away into an unused space so your bathroom doesn’t look cluttered.
    4. Vinyl Stickers                                                                                   bathroom stickers for renovation
      My two favourite words as you will see! These can be picked up so so cheap and will give your bathroom a modern makeover. You can pick up quotes for your bathroom walls on Ebay for as little as £1.99! You can also purchase Vinyl Tile Stickers to give your bathroom an instant makeover without the hefty costs. The tile stickers come in so many different designs. Mosaic, stone effect, ceramic brick, floral, multi coloured patterns, block colours, you name it. It will really vamp up your bathroom for such a little cost.
    5. Add some shelving
      Add a towel rack to keep your towels nice and tidy together or add a floating shelf to put an array of candles on for a beautiful peaceful finish.
    6. Change your toilet seat
      Two options here; you can get brand new toilet seats in a variety of colours/ patterns/ textures now for a nice touch on the finish of your bathroom or you can pick up a vinyl sticker again for your toilet seat! Stickers are cheaper and quick and easy to apply.
    7. Floor change
      Okay so sometimes bathroom floors are pretty plain and boring. If you want to jazz it up a little then have a look online for, you guessed it, vinyl floor stickers! There are some lovely simple tile stickers or to be more extravagant you can purchase a 3D beach/ bridge/ jungle design and more.

    Tips to get creative with your kitchen

    1. My favourite Vinyl Stickers of course.
      Not only can you re vamp your kitchen tiles and flooring or add a cute little quote to your kitchen, but you can also cover your work tops in a specialised vinyl sticker! So if you are bored of your work tops but cant afford to rip them out and get new ones fitted, a sticker is the perfect DIY solution at a cheap cost.   make use of kitchen space
    2. Hook it up
      Add some hooks to your walls for utensils and pots and pots to make some space in your cupboards and to showcase your kitchen theme.
    3. Shelving
      Add shelving to your wall space in the kitchen to show off your classy glasses and kitchen ornaments. You can also add a shelf to hold your cook books and the likes to keep them neat and tidy. Add some photo frames to your shelving of your friends and family to make your kitchen more homey. Shelves can be picked up cheap at places like IKEA and online sites or you can get second hand units and shelving from your local Facebook buy and sell groups or Freecycle sites.
    4. Lighting
      You can change your lighting quite simply these days. Switch standard bulbs for funky coloured ones, add strip lights to the bases of your cupboards or change your standard lighting fixture by adding a spotlight effect strip instead. If you need to replace your lighting fixtures or want actual spotlights embedded in the ceiling then you are best to call in a local electrician, we want to change your lighting not your hairstyle!
    5. Tap change
      Changing your taps can be done quite simply. Go pick a shiny new tap set at your local DIY store and switch it up. Again you may need a professional for this to avoid flooding your kitchen! Find a cheap local plumber online or put a recommendation post for one on Facebookbest taps for renovation
    6. Tea towel rack
      To stop your kitchen having several hundred tea towels spread over the sides or draping over your cupboards, add a rack in to hang wet tea towels over or a floating shelf to stack your clean ones on.
    7. Hide your appliances
      You can hide your bigger appliances by popping them in dummy cupboards to match your décor. This may require a local builder though as you dont want to go on a rampage with your drill and start making a mess of your kitchen!

    Bedroom bargains

    1. Colour
      A coat of paint in a different colour or just for a freshen up can make a huge difference to your room. If you have a small room use light colours to open up the space. Adding a feature wall to your bedroom can give it a classy makeover too. Use paint or wallpaper to create your favourite design. This can be picked up cheap in places such as Wilko, The Range and again online and your local DIY stores. Repaint your ceiling as well to lighten the room back up or if you are feeling arty, you can paint a mural of the sky on the ceiling!
    2. Stick it up
      Here is my best one again, you can get stickers with loving quotes for above your bed and on your walls or you can get all sorts of themes such as jungle and cute bears for your little ones room. These are picked up cheap online so can really vamp up the room in a quick, easy and cheap way! The 3D character scene stickers are a hit with kids as well!
    3. Take a Picturephoto wall renovation
      why not add a photo frame feature wall? Wake up to your favourite memories every day. I love a photo wall with all my favourite pictures of my friends and family. I prefer doing this with mismatched frames of all different types, sizes and colours or canvas photos for a unique look.
    4. De-clutter
      If you have a small room or a lot of stuff that you dont want to get rid of, make sure you have a bed with storage in it. You can get these beds at a reasonable price from IKEA, local furniture shop, instalment catalogues and Facebook. You could also invest in a day bed to save on space, add some feature cushions to make it a cosy sitting place in the day and then pull it out into a bed of the evening.
    5. High cabin bunks
      There are plenty of high cabin bunks to choose from now, from double beds with a space for your dressing table underneath and the rest of your bedroom furniture to kids bunks with a desk and drawers underneath and even a double bed with a single bunk above for those that have to share a room! These are great little storage solutions and can make a big change to your bedroom by giving you more room.
    6. Get creative with your cove If you have a little cove in your room why not get creative, secure poles into the wall to create your own wardrobe and add some curtains to a higher pole to hide it from view.
    7. Upcycle
      Repaint your old furniture to make it look brand new or give it a makeover with different colours to change the theme of your room. You can also try to swap furniture with your friends or family that may be wanting a change too!luxury bedroom ideas
    8. Change it up
      Change your bedding to a different colour when you get bored. It is a simple change that can make a huge difference. Get matching curtains to your new bedding and then you can swap and change these again when you feel its time to. Its a simple but cheap way to change it up. Search online for bedding bargains and cheap curtains.

    Under the stairs

    1. Pet Den
      If you have a family pet why not create a little den under your stairs for them? Clear out the clutter from there, pop their bed in, some treats and toys and give them a little snuggle cove! This will also move your pet bed and toys from being scattered all over the floor in your living room.
    2. Poop hole
      kitty litter furniture
      If you have an indoor pet, why not turn the space under the stairs into their own lavatory? You can pop a cat/ dog flap in the door of the cupboard so its keeps in any nasty smells and gives your pet a private place to do their business. You can also pick up some stylish litter trays from Ebay that are made to look like cabinets with a kitty flap or doggy door so no one will know!
    3. Stack it up
      If you use your under stairs cupboard for storing your junk, invest in some cheap stackable boxes from places like IKEA. It keeps your stuff neat and tidy and out of sight. But also makes it easy to access, if you are anything like my mum then go wild with the labels so you know what is in each box!
    4. Make a Den
      If you have a little one you could turn your under the stairs cupboard into a den for them, no I dont mean a Harry Potter type room! You can take the door off and make a cosy area for your little one. Add some paint and bright colours under there, pop some toys in or a kids kitchen and let them have their own little house to play in. You could also add some fairy lights and bubble wrap and other sensory toys to make it into a sensory area for your little one.
    5. Reading Space
      reading corner ideas
      You could turn it into a reading space for you or your children. Add some cushions/ beanbags etc and pop your books on a floating shelf for a cosy reading space.

    Love your Living room again

    1. Wall stickers
      No need for an explanation here, you get what I am saying
    2. Frame it upsofa swap
      Make a beautiful feature wall with your frames and photos. The living room is a perfect place to show off your family and friends to your visitors and for you to look at while you are having some family time.
      You could also paint or paper a feature wall to change up the living room, get some curtains to match the colour scheme you chose to make a big difference
    3. Carpet
      Again you could look for remnants at your local carpet shop to change up your living room dramatically. Chose a different colour and go with the theme! Remnants are a lot cheaper than buying carpet off the roll and most living rooms are a perfect square shape so it is easier to find and fit a remnant of your choice.
    4. Candles and incense
      candles for renovation touch ups
      Add some floating shelves to your wall and pop some candles and incense on them. Having candles lit up in the evening gives an instant relaxed feeling to any room. Pick different scents such as lavender for when you are relaxing in the evening and a fresh linen or fruity fragrance for in the day to keep your home smelling nice. You can purchase beautiful candle holders and incense burners at a low cost from bootsales, Ebay, local pound store and places alike.
    5. Swap your Sofa
      Chances are that someone else nearby is wanting to re decorate as well, how about advertising on your local Facebook site to swap your sofa! To you it will feel like a brand new sofa so instead of buying a brand new one or being tempted to purchase one on interest, see if you can sofa swap with friends/ family or someone local to you.

    Get your Garden looking good

    1. Freecycle
      Go on your local Freecycle site for garden furniture or Facebook and the likes. You can also upcycle this again either if you have old garden furniture that you are bored of or if you can find some that is a bargain but not your preferred colouring. Give yourself a project and up cycle it.
    2. Get your hands dirtygrow your own fruit and veg
      Dig up that patch yourself, get some tarpaulin and stones of your choice (check out sites like youtube for step by step guides) and make your own feature in the garden for a fraction of the price! You can shop around for the cheapest equipment and cut labour costs by doing it yourself.
    3. Make a vegetable patch
      Perfect way to spruce up your garden but to also save costs on your grocery shopping! Grow your own fruit and veg. Seeds are pretty cheap and as long as you follow instructions you can be your own green grocer. Also great if you have children as they love to get their hands dirty and chances are if they have grown it themselves they may actually eat their vegetables!
    4. Light it up
      Purchase some solar lights to give your garden a cosy little feel in the evenings. These come in all shapes, sizes and colours and can be picked up cheap from local pound shops in their garden sections or online.
    5. Make a fairy garden make a fairy garden
      You have probably seen this making the rounds on YouTube and Facebook. You can create a little fairy garden for your kids/ Grand kids or for yourself. It is a cute little way to brighten up your garden and to add a bit of magic into it. It is a great little idea for a hobby for you as well if you find yourself getting twitchy fingers when you have nothing to do.Bigger Changes

    Okay so if after all that you are still considering some bigger changes such as building a conservatory, getting an extension, getting a brand new kitchen or bathroom installed, loft conversion, the possibilities are endless, leave this to the professionals!

    It may be tempting to start demolishing your kitchen and trying to install it all yourself but in reality you will be left with more problems if you are not qualified in this area. You can look at low interest kitchens and bathrooms in your local kitchen/ bathroom retail store but be wary of the interest you will be paying!

    How about taking out a secured loan to finance these projects instead? This will help you get that big purchase now and pay it back in monthly affordable instalments. Especially with Christmas around the corner, we may want a shiny new kitchen to cook in for the family! So head over to www.firstqualityfinance.co.uk today to get a quote for your secured loan and start that project! best secured loans