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    Great service! I didn't have anybody to vouch for me and managed to get approved for a loan pretty quickly.

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  • No Guarantor Loans


    Sometimes you need to borrow money but don't have anyone to vouch for you and if you don't have any assets this rules out a secured loan
    This type of loan is called a no guarantor loan - its basically a loan not secured on anything. the lender will agree to providing you with a loan normally between £100 - £5000 and you promise to replay it in via a set amount every month until the full amount is paid. You can apply the same day and in most cases you will receive your money the same day.


    How much can I borrow with a no guarantor loan?

    Amounts will vary from place to place but in general a no guarantor loan will be as little as £100 and can go as high as £10,000, although for the higher amount you will have a proven history of making payments on time. The money can be for anything you like and normally its not a deciding factor to being accepted.

    What's the application process?

    To apply for a no guarantor loan its really simple.

    1. Complete the 60 second application form (Its a soft search so won't hurt your credit history)
    2. Wait to see if you need to send in any payslips or documents
    3. If accepted the money will be deposited in your back within 24 hours.


    What can I do to improve my credit score if I'm rejected?

    If for any reason we are unable to find you a loan without a guarantor they are certain steps you can take to improve your credit score to give you a better chance of being accepted in the future. Visit one of the credit reference agencies like Experian and order your file, this can now be done online. You may find you can start taking action immediately to help improve your history, giving you a better chance of obtaining finance in the future.


    Is it better to Use a broker or direct lender?

    Both routes have there pros and cons. If you say no to brokers and choose a direct lender you will be going straight to the source which will mean you will only receive communication from one loan company but may miss out on finding the best interest rate. Plus if that lender declines your application you will have to start the search all over again, which means further searches on your credit file, which is bad. Dealing with a reputable broker means you have access to all the main lenders, this also means you are more likely to be successful.