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  • 15 Tips to Encourage your Child To Save [Infographic]

    April 25, 2018 | firstquality
  • For the majority of us, money management and saving is an essential part of life. Many of us will save for big purchases such as weddings, holidays or a new car throughout our lifetime. Saving money is a skill set that all of us should possess throughout life, whether you save a little or a lot of money it can come in handy for unexpected bills as well as planned purchases and the earlier we start in life, the better!

    Teaching your child to save is a valuable lesson that they can take with them through their life journey, but how exactly do you teach your child to save money? Let’s face it saving isn’t the most exciting topic for adults let alone for an eight-year-old who has Xbox or soccer on their mind the majority of the time.

    Getting your child to put money in their piggy bank and leave it there isn’t enough, its also about helping them realise why they’re doing it and the benefit it provides.
    The infographic below will provide you with some handy and actionable fun tips to encourage your child to save along the reasons why they are doing it. Bought to you by First Quality Finance



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